With sincerest gratitude…

With sincerest gratitude…

Our dear family members and friends (new and old), what a year this has been for the Guillot family!  As I was recovering from my October 2011 ankle surgery in early January, I remember saying to my physical therapist, “I can’t wait for life to get back to normal!”  I quickly learned that those days of swelling and pain were minor inconveniences compared to what was in store for us.  If you are reading this, I am sure you are aware of the circumstances that followed…  The fire that almost took P.J.’s life in January and the flooding of our family home by Hurricane Isaac in August.  Although we all often wish that we could turn back time and change the outcome of both those events, we can’t help but be thankful to God for His glory that has shone through in both tragedies. 

This letter is to thank you all for the love and support that you have shown us already and continue to pour on us each day.  During the first few weeks after P.J.’s accident, we were told to be prepared for the worst.  Your prayers and ours were heard and God woke him from his sleep and brought him back to us.  His days continue to include pain and suffering that most of us could never comprehend, but he is alive and fighting the battle courageously.  We thank you all for the prayers, calls, emails, Facebook posts, contributions to P.J.’s video, “Get Well” cards, and the hundreds of cards, letters, and gifts he received on his 20th birthday.  Your thoughtfulness has truly made a difference in our child’s life. 

After Isaac destroyed our home, we were reminded once again of the great support network that we have in all of you.  I do believe we have more clothes, sheets, and towels than we had before the storm!  Our rental home is filled with furniture and household items and appliances from countless sources.  I tell everyone that it has the value of Joseph’s coat of many colors.  As my mother always says, “We couldn’t have more or want less.” 

The friends and volunteers (from four different organizations so far) who have come to help with the emptying, cleaning, and gutting of our home, have shown us what selfless giving is all about.  We are inspired by their sacrifices and hope to “pay it forward” someday. 

Many of you have shared our story with your friends who have shared it with their friends and so on… (just like the hair commercial)!  We need your help now in sharing our thanks with these individuals, who in some cases remain anonymous to us.  We apologize that we were not able to send individual thank you cards to each one of you, but we ask your help in passing this message along to everyone.  Please feel free to email it, share it on Facebook, or photocopy and distribute it.  There is no way to adequately portray what we feel.

This is just a small attempt to let everyone know the enormous depth of our gratitude.  We are humbled, overwhelmed, and forever thankful for the generous gifts of all kinds that have been provided.  May God bless each of you twenty fold.  We love you.  We truly do.

Tina Guillot
(On behalf of A.J., Tina, P.J., Joshua, and Molly the Schnauzer)

Tina Guillot

19 thoughts on “With sincerest gratitude…

  1. Just to let you know that I am still praying for all of you each day. I hope PJ enjoyed the cards that my kids at church made for his birthday. Keep us posted, we love you guys.

  2. Tina, you have always been very good at putting your thoughts and feelings into words whether it’s on paper or in the form of a speech in front of an audience. That was beautifully said and believe me there are very few, if any of us, that could say we know what you guys have been through this year. You guys have been through so much and have pulled yourselves up and continued on. I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for me and my family when I say you guys are simply amazing! The prayers continue to head your way. You and your whole family are in our prayers on a daily basis.

    We love you guys and miss you,

    The Duet’s

  3. Barbara, thank you so much! You are very kind. we love you and miss you, too. Hope to see you soon. — Tina

  4. He did, Sandra. It was unfortunate that he was very sick on his birthday and that made it rough for him, but I guess that just made him need the love even more. Thanks so much. We love you guys, too! — Tina

  5. Think and prayn’ 4 PJ! Happy B-day Mr 20 year old, may be you be blessed with more will power and endurance through this pain…jus’ keep remembern’ that God is good all the time…in the darkest nights His light will shine!

  6. Tina I’m just grateful that I was able in anyway to pay back the kindness you showed me when I was up in BR general. My thoughts n prayers have been with your family sense then and will continue to be well into the future.
    You and your family are some of the kindest and most sincere people I’ve ever met or could hope to meet.
    You are a family of great faith and character and I am proud just to say I know you.

    Sean F. Coughlin

  7. Tina, God has blessed me sevenfold by bringing you and your family into my life. Your strenght and A.j.’s is amazing. I love all of you and will be able to help you in any way I can, just ask. You are alight in this dark world and a hope to the hopeless. Through your faith in our Lord you guys have reached more people than you can ever imagine…Thanks for being part of mine and Mr. V’s life he loved you I love you and so does Jesus!!!!!!

  8. Sean, thank you so much. You and Leona have been such a blessing to us. We love you guys. — Tina

  9. Helen, thank you so much. You are awesome and we love you. We are glad you are in our lives! — Tina

  10. Thank you so much for bringing us up to date on P J’s condition.He & all of you are in our prayers.We love you too.
    Nomie Smith(Jan’s aunt)

  11. Nomie, we thank you so much for your prayers. Sorry there was so much time between posts. God bless! — Tina

  12. You and your family remain in our prayers. Miss seeing you guys….
    Love ya,

  13. Tina, I am still praying for P J and for your return to your home. I try to keep up with you on facebook. How is PJ doing now? I’ve been looking for an update. Take care girl, I hope you can find something that works for your headache.
    Your old friend, Kathy

  14. Kathy, thank you for your prayers. P.J. is home now, but still having a rough time. Sorry for the delay in providing an update. — Tina

  15. Christine – Thank you for your prayers. We love and miss you, too. Give Brandon our love. — Tina

  16. Lou — Love you all and miss you, too. Keep those prayers coming! That’s what keeps us going. — Tina

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