Twenty Wishes: Wish #6

Twenty Wishes:  Wish #6

My 6th wish is to win a competition!  It doesn’t really matter what kind of contest it is… except, it has to be a win that I earned, not a win by chance.  Anyone can be lucky, right?  But not everyone can win a contest because of their ability or talent.  I don’t think it even matters what prizes are awarded.  I just want to win!  I guess if I could win a trophy, that would be nice.  I don’t think I’ve ever won a trophy before.  Once in third grade, I won a Halloween costume contest.  I went as Ms. Universe.  No, I wasn’t a beauty queen, I was the Universe!  I had a moon for a head and the planets were all around. (When it comes to needing creative ideas, it helps to have an artist for a mom!)  My moon head had a cow jumping over it (and there was a little dog who laughed to see such sport).  Two years later when I was in 5th grade, I won numerous classroom spelling competitions.  Mrs. Geary, our teacher, would give candy bars to the first and second place winners.  Maybe I can blame Mrs. Geary (and my excellent spelling skills) for the weight problem I have today.

Since I have been involved in Toastmasters, I’ve won a couple of ribbons at meetings for Best Speech, but I’d love to actually win a formal competition speaking, singing, writing, or whatever.  At my husband’s urging, I recently signed up for the second season auditions of “The Voice.”  If you haven’t seen the show, it is where contestants sing for the judges while the judges have their backs turned.  The whole point is that you’re not judged on what you look like, only what you sound like.  So if  you’re 150 years old and 800 pounds overweight, but you have a great voice, you’ll have a shot at winning that you might not have otherwise!  In other words, they actually judge your VOICE like they’re supposed to, without bias to the way you look.  I love the concept, although, I told my hubby not to get his hopes up.  I am not sure that when the time comes, I’ll be brave enough to stand in line for hours and follow through with this thing… unless… the prize is chocolate!

I’ll keep you updated on this wish, dahlins!  In the meantime, if you missed any of the previous Twenty Wishes entries, just select “20 Wishes” from the Categories list on the right side of the screen to see them all — posts are ordered most recent to oldest.  Happy reading!

UPDATE, November 13, 2011:  Well, it took me a while, but I finally got wish #6.  This morning I won first place in the Toastmasters District 68 “Up and At Them” Club’s Tall Tales Contest!!  It was the coolest thing!  I really didn’t expect to win as this was my first time participating in a speech contest and the competition was fierce! Click here to check out the video of my speech!

Tina Guillot

6 thoughts on “Twenty Wishes: Wish #6

  1. You may surprise yourself. I think that you are definitely good enough to winn. Think positive you have a natural God given voice. It is beautiful.

  2. You just brought back memories. I used to win all kinds of math contests in school where our teacher would give out chocolate bars LOL. I was a math geek!

    Now, as for winning, would Josh winning a contest because of your abilities do? I mean, if you helped him win a project in school or if he won first place in a Halloween contest, that could be just as satisfying right?

    We’ll have to keep our eyes open in the paper for contests at fairs and stuff 🙂

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