“As a person who is offered the opportunity to work with many presenters on a consistent basis, I feel that Tina Guillot is a very welcome breath of fresh air.  Whether it’s motivational, educational, or inspirational, Tina has the ability to focus on the objective at hand, find the sweet spot, and deliver her message with tenacity, grace, and style.  Her warmth fills the room and she leaves her audience with something to embrace and think about, long after her presentation.  She is truly a role model for us all.”  — David Breland, National Account Executive, Freeman

“Tina was the keynote speaker at our spring graduation in April 2013.  She personalized her speech by telling a true family story in which she engaged her audience.  The medical experiences she shared connected her to the graduates who aspire to work in the medical field.  Her smile and warm heart projected throughout her entire presentation.  Her style was heartfelt and yet humorous.  Humor was used in many spots and even when I felt emotional enough to cry, I laughed.  She left the graduates with a definite message.  Perfection!”  — Synn Claire Banks, Learning Resource Coordinator, Blue Cliff College

“Tina Guillot is one of the most disciplined, focused, and organized people I’ve met.  She has a solid business background and uses humor and creativity to connect with her audiences.  She is a skilled presenter and contributes effectively to every speaking program.”  Mike Kimmel, Actor / Writer / Public Speaker

“Tina did a leadership presentation for our chapter meeting in October 2015. We enjoyed the presentation.  One of the goals of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter of the Project Management Institute is to provide value to our local business community in the form of leadership and collaboration and her topic was right on point!  Her cheerful, sincere, and personal delivery was superb.”  — Randy Shaw, 2016 President, Gulf Coast Project Management Institute

“When I ran for Council seat in 2015, Tina helped me get ready for the public forum by reviewing and critiquing my opening message and also helping me prepare for the impromptu questions portion of the event.  She coached me on speaking techniques and gave me concrete suggestions on how to construct my responses in order for me to appear more confident and composed.” — Wanda Alcon, St. Bernard Parish Council, District D

I attended a document control training session led by Ms. Tina Guillot and I left the session feeling more informed than when I entered.  Tina has the ability to portray the information in a way that is easily understood on all levels.  She takes the time to interact with the individuals to ensure that one does not leave with any questions… however, she is always available for follow-up if needed.  I have noticed that Tina is not a person who goes in with only one foot – she jumps in and makes sure she has all of the knowledge available or will acquire it before forwarding anything.  Tina is diligent, thorough, confident, and professional.  Two thumbs up!”  — Stephanie Willman, Office Technical Specialist