Keynote Topics

Speaking and training are Tina’s passions.  She loves sharing her own stories and incorporating humor within customized presentations that fit your needs and budget.  She’d also be a good choice to emcee your next event.

On A Happier Note

Life is a struggle and unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people.  But you don’t have to let that ruin your life or even your day!  Happiness is yours for the asking (or doing).  This presentation is perfect for anyone who has ever struggled with overcoming obstacles and overwhelming issues.  It offers tried and true methods for avoiding the misery and finding the silver lining in all of your adventures.  You will be energized and inspired and definitely leave the room “on a happier note!”

Small Acts of Heroism

Every individual has the power to make a difference in the lives of everyone they encounter on a daily basis.  Through personal stories and specific examples, you will learn how your actions can touch the lives of those around you and you will be inspired to make every minute of your life count!  “Small Acts of Heroism” is perfect for service-oriented professionals and volunteers, but has a critical message for everyone, and that is “There’s a hero in each of us.”

Looking Beyond Your Dirty Lenses

What do you see when you look at others?  How do you act toward them?  Do you respond to their appearance, their actions, or both?  This powerful presentation knocks down the walls, raises the curtains, and opens the doors to show you the things you are missing when you judge others through your own dirty lenses. Learn the true meaning behind understanding, empathy, and diversity, and open your eyes to a whole new world of caring.

As a person who is offered the opportunity to work with many presenters on a consistent basis, I feel that Tina Guillot is a very welcome breath of fresh air.  Whether it’s motivational, educational, or inspirational, Tina has the ability to focus on the objective at hand, find the sweet spot, and deliver her message with tenacity, grace, and style.  Her warmth fills the room and she leaves her audience with something to embrace and think about, long after her presentation.  She is truly a role model for us all.”  — David Breland, National Account Executive, Freeman