Greetings and welcome to TinaGuillot.net. Tina is a professional speaker, trainer, humorist, and emcee with a desire to inspire others through her own stories.  Please visit all of the pages on the site to learn more about Tina and the products and services she offers.  We especially hope that you will visit Tina’s blog and learn more about her life.

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“Tina was the keynote speaker at our spring graduation in April 2013.  She personalized her speech by telling a true family story in which she engaged her audience.  The medical experiences she shared connected her to the graduates who aspire to work in the medical field.  Her smile and warm heart projected throughout her entire presentation.  Her style was heartfelt and yet humorous.  Humor was used in many spots and even when I felt emotional enough to cry, I laughed.  She left the graduates with a definite message.  Perfection!”  — Synn Claire Banks, Learning Resource Coordinator, Blue Cliff College