Twenty Wishes: Wish #9

My 9th wish is to be part of a flash mob!  I know the whole flash mob scene is getting kind of old, but let’s face it, books have been around for a long time and people haven’t stopped enjoying them!  The key is to be part of a “creative” flash mob that shows talents and also surprises the audience — not one that is advertised all over the country for weeks ahead of time and basically looks like someone’s choreographed a workout routine.

Any thoughts?  Please do let me know (you can email me at  I’d love to do a choral presentation kind of like the ones you see with the Hallelujah Chorus, or something similar.  Hmmm… Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Christmas flash mob?  I’m sure it’s been done, but it would be fun!  (Ha… I’m a poet!!)  I’m picturing tons of folks scurrying through the mall doing their Christmas shopping when suddenly an adorable kid with a great voice (probably one of my awesome nieces) starts singing “Joy to the World, the Lord is come!”  All of a sudden, four people come from four directions toward the child singing “Let earth receive her King!!”  Then 20 or so others join in “Let every heart, prepare Him room!”  It would be amazing!  And now is the perfect time to start planning such a splendiferous (no, it’s not a word, but it sounds good) event!!!  Email me if you’re in!  YES, I AM SERIOUS!!!

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Twenty Wishes: Wish #5

My 5th wish is to sing the national anthem at a major sports event.  I mean, isn’t that every singer’s dream?   The closest  I have ever come to doing this was once at a company event.  Three friends and I formed a group and sang “The Star Spangled Banner” in four-part harmony.  It was the coolest thing.  I have heard that some of the local teams, like the Hornets and the Zephyrs, will allow nobodies like me to audition to sing at games.  One of these days I will get up the nerve to try it.  I’m just afraid that when it comes time, my nerves will get the better of me and I’ll end up making Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl rendition seem flawless.   I must admit, I judged her harshly right after her performance.  In fact, I think I tweeted something along the lines of “O-oh say can you sing, the right words to this song?”  I know… not nice… but I couldn’t believe she would flub such a great opportunity.  I mean, come on!  Since then, I have regretted my rash criticism and have tried to apologize to no avail.  She won’t return my calls!

I will keep you posted on this wish and all the others!  In the meantime, I am off to practice… Oh say can you see?

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Twenty Wishes: Wish #4

My 4th wish is to be on the stage again!  For years, my husband and I and other members the family participated in a number of plays and musicals at our old church.  Our kids even got involved on a couple of occasions.  We were all members of a group called the “POP-Corn Players.”  (POP was short for Prince of Peace, as in Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.)  It was truly great fun and between us we played quite a score of characters!  My husband, A.J., was a grandpa in several of the plays.  In more than one he was married to my mom; in another he was trying to marry my sister but married me by mistake (much to his chagrin).  He also played a country singer (ex-husband to my character who was also a country singer), King Pharoah to my brother’s Joseph (in a tribute to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber), and he was even Joliet “Jake” Blues to my brother’s Elwood once or twice!  Meanwhile, I portrayed everything from a cafe hostess to a city clicker to a swine and a singing bird named “Kookie” (the pet of a mad musician).  Most of the plays were written and directed by my mother.  She is so talented and we were thankful that her nepotism always ensured we’d get a good role.  (Just kidding… NOT!)  Doing those plays together was such great fun.  I look forward to it again, someday soon, I hope, before we’re all too old to climb the steps to the stage.   Start writing, Mom, and find us a venue!  It’s showtime!

Watch for more news on this wish, dahlins!  I’ll let you know where to buy your tickets.  Meanwhile, if you missed any of the previous Twenty Wishes entries, just select “20 Wishes” from the Categories list on the right side of the screen to see them all — posts are ordered most recent to oldest.  Happy reading!

Twenty Wishes: Wish #3

My third wish is to start a band!  I know it sounds crazy, but music has always been one of my passions.  When I was growing up, my dad played lead guitar in a country and western band.  He mostly played in bars, so I didn’t get to go to his “gigs” often, but we occasionally were able to tag along with him to practice.  I always enjoyed that and longed for the day when I’d be old enough to sing with his band.  As I got older, the more interested I became in boys, the less interested I was in singing.  I had a short-lived experience playing keyboard and singing with a garage band my senior year in high school.  We weren’t very good and so we never had any gigs.  We just practiced… a lot.

I’m not sure what genre of music I would like my band to play.  Maybe it will be a Christian band, maybe not.  Maybe we’ll play oldies, maybe not.  But I do know that my band will be fun and will be made up of people I love -my husband, my brothers, my sister and brother in-law, my niece… we could be like the Partridge Family of the 21st Century!  LOL!

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Thanks, American Idol!

In this stressful time of war, continued Hurricane Katrina recovery, and a declining economy, we here in New Orleans have taken comfort in a number of things.  First and foremost, of course, is our religion; second in line are our family and friends, third is our awesome football team (Who Dat?!?!) and if not in fourth place, somewhere very close to the top is the American Idol television show.  We have become so enthralled with the excitement and wonder of it all that even our closest friends don’t dare call us when the show is on the tube!  Although the faces have changed to some extent and the contestants are new each year, we have grown to know and love them all so much that it’s amazing our children don’t now refer to them as Uncle Ryan, Uncle Randy, Aunt Jennifer, and Uncle Steven.

Every year it’s the same.  We spend each week waiting for air time, watching, and then mourning the loss of yet another of the kids we’d be happy to adopt.  For many of us, we love all of the contestants, and we don’t even vote because voting for all of them would be pointless.  We talk about and think of them regularly and we are so proud of them that we wish they could all win.  And when the last show of the season airs, we cry.

Over the past 10 years this show and its stars have been welcomed into our hearts and our homes.  Simon was always the aggravating brother or coworker we’ve all known.  You know the type – the one all the girls flirt with at the water cooler – the one all the guys envy because he’s not afraid to say how he feels – the one who, when we least expect it, actually makes us smile.  Paula was (and now this year J-Lo is) the sister or girlfriend we envy – the one who cares so much that she tells us what we need to hear, but in such a loving way that it actually makes us feel good.  She’s the one who is so beautiful inside and out that every little girl wants to be just like her some day.  Steven, another of this year’s new additions to the team is like the eccentric uncle with the vulgar mouth who you want to (and know you should be) mad at, but he’s too funny to chastise, and you know that deep down he’s really cool.  And Randy is that next-door neighbor who tells it to you straight.  He’s always there when you need him, but “Dawg… you know I love you, but man, don’t park on my grass.”  Ryan is Ryan.  He’s cute and funny and “metrosexual” (whatever that means) and he keeps it all together making the short time we have with them all that much more enjoyable.

American Idol… hmmm… idol is not exactly the word we would use to describe someone who has a great singing voice.  After all, it is “in God we trust,” not Kelly Clarkson.  Nonetheless, the show has swept us off our feet and brought to our lives a new sense of hope.  The opportunity we’ve had to watch the contestants, our dear, new friends, live out their dreams is just the motivation we need to reach for the top and accomplish great things on our own.  So move over Kelly, Rueben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, David, Kris, and Lee!  There’s always room for one more star in the sky!

Happy holidays, dahlins!

A belated “Merry Christmas” and a very “Happy New Year” to all of you!  I have been so frustrated trying to get my technology to work the way I want!  My hope was to publish an audio blog entry for you on Christmas Eve, but I struggled with recording issues and then playback issues and then file conversion issues… UGH!  At any rate, I am belatedly posting my Christmas message below (imagine an amazing alto — that’s me… haha… singing this song to the tune of the Carpenters’ “Merry Christmas, Darling.”

So I am sorry it didn’t get posted earlier, but your forgiveness will be my Christmas gift. 🙂  Love and blessings to all of you as you celebrate the holiday season.  Hope you enjoy this.  God’s peace!

I’ve Facebooked all my friends and now,
my Twitter’s current, too!
I’m working on my ‘blawg’ right now…
as I sing this song for you!

 <verse 1>
Merry Christmas, dahlins!
I’m happy you are here.
So I can share my thoughts with you…
and offer Christmas cheer.

<verse 2>
I know we’re not together,
but really that’s okay.
‘Cause thanks to social networking
you’re just a click away!

You can post all your news,
add friends if you choose,
and play a game or two…
Upload your pics,
add captions for kicks,
and tag all of your friends.


<verse 3>
So I’ll look for you on LinkedIn,
Yahoo, MySpace, too…
I’ve just one wish on this Christmas Eve…
that is to network with you.

   <musical interlude>

<bridge part 2 repeated>
Upload your pics,
add captions for kicks,
and tag all of your friends. 

<verse 3 repeated>
So I’ll look for you on LinkedIn,
Yahoo, MySpace, too…
I’ve just one wish on this Christmas Eve…
that is to network with you.

I want to network with you.
Merry, merry, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, dahlins!